This site shows my latest work and is in constant development.
I have just finished my ShowReel, enjoy!

I am now part of MPC's core rnd team. The area I am mainly involved in is based around the central pipeline, especially asset management. Additionaly, I am supporting and writing tools for MPC's in house physics engine.

I worked on Xmen 3 as an R&D Artist/FX TD for the moving picture company. Work included: Physical simulations(rbs, softbodies), Particles, Pipeline(caching, rendering)

These two images represent some my rigid, softbody fx work.

For a more detailed description of MPC's work on Xmen 3 check this link.

I am currently working on a shattering plug-in. I will upload the plug-in once it is in a usable state.

My latest VFX Short. This was done as a group project involving 4 students for 2 month. My main contribution was the development of the Pipeline involving Houdini, Maya, Renderman, Mantra. Furthermore I did all the buildings collapsing of the "far a way" buidlings and the destruction of the small building on the right in the second to last shot. For a full list of my contributions see this little report.

It won the 2nd prize in the animago categorie Education/Compositing/Special Effects

In addition it became a FINALIST of the 2005 Global Student Animation Awards.

Download: absolute zero (divx 30MB).

I have added this clip showing a breakdown of the layers I was involved in.

During my third term at Bournemouth University I decided to develop an implicit surface modeller as a plug-in for Maya using C++ and the Maya API. For a full background research and the design of the ImplicitFunction plug-in see this Technical Report.

I have created two short demo movies that took less than 5min to create! I added them to show the great potential of this plug-in.

Water example and the Melting example.

See the Maya link for more information.

This Shader was written as part of my Major Animation Project that I had to take during my MSc Computer Animation at the University of Bournemouth in 2005. My main aim was to learn the Renderman Shading Language and create a photo realistic tree bark shader.

For a complete documentation see the Renderman link.

Particle System is a basic particle system that I wrote as part of a programming project at the National Center for Computer Animation (NCCA) at Bournemouth University, UK during February 2005.
See the C++/OpenGL link for detailed information.