Everyone has got one so here are mine!

Fellow Students
Shane Aherne - Technical Director and you are first...
Javier Romero - my living reference and i will watch Willow one day!
David Basalla - just look and see!
Gavin Harrison
Mark Wainwright
Sabine Laimer

General Resources
Ron Fedkiw - has done everything
Andrew Chapman - great reference site
Jan Walter - intro to shader writing and not just renderman
Paul Bourke - example code for most things

Highend3d.com - forums for all
VFXWorld - general portal
AWN - general portal
od[force] - general portal special for Houdini
crazy cow - german portal with great tutorials
morgueFile - Public image reference

C/C++ Reference
SGI stl
Version Control with Subverison - what I use for Version Control for digital assests and programming
NeHe - OpenGL programming
Doxygen - JavaDoc for C++
Maya API CometCartoons - cool link for standard MayaAPI tasks
Maya API - code examples
Bryan Ewert - how to's for both mel and api