This site shows my latest renderman related work.

This Shader was written as part of my Major Animation Project that I had to take during my MSc Computer Animation at the University of Bournemouth in 2005. My main aim was to learn the Renderman Shading Language and create a photorealistic tree bark shader.

For a complete documentation see this Technical Report. In order to create tree bark you need to download the displacement shader or the texture file shader as well as the surface shader . In order to compile the shaders you need these header files. The surface shader generates its color value depending on the displacement shader. Unfortunatly this value needs to be in a range of 0 - 1. I created this script that will calculate the min and max value of any specified value in the displacement shader which can be passed to the displacement shader to normalise the hight of the created displacement.

Base Voronoi

fBm on the edges

Voronoi fractal


Click for a small turntable I am working on a lighter render!

The rest is just some sample images rendered with the displacement shader and the