This site shows my latest work.

This Bash script executes Mantra per command line.
Usage currentDir start_frame end_frame name_of_file
This script has been tested on Redhat Enterprise Edition with Houdini 7.0.306 installed at /opt/hfs7.0.306

The script was developed for the Renderman tree bark shader it evaluates the range to normalise the height value of the displacement shader.

This script can be used to print out the range of a specific value in a shader.

In order to execute it the user has to add the following line "//printf" at the position of the shader code from which to print the value of interest. To execute it enter <shader> <rib> <shaderdir without "/" at the end> <value to check> <Compiled shader name> in the commandline. For example ../shader/ ../rib/trunk_cameraShape1.1.rib ../shader hump Bark2.sdl